Thursday, July 25, 2013

Channeling my inner Richie/Olsen...

As I blog from my bed today and drink a cup of coffee, I cannot lie to you friends, I am not feeling so well. I've been thinking all day on ways to improve my blog (it's my baby,) improve my yoga practice and my ability to completely surrender in meditation/prayer time. How to love life more, be better, blah blah blah.... The list can go on and on right? I'm sure I'm not the only on who sits on the couch, or goes deep in thought while driving, or lays in bed thinking about the future. And wanting the good stuff to hurry up and come already!!!! Which is why on Tuesday after my yoga class, keebz and I were so motivated to get online, answer emails, run errands and document the moments....
*Two little secrets about me is that I love to look effortless, but chic. Just enough. Minimal, but eye drawing and eye brow raising. I'm not the type of gal that likes to take long getting dressed. I want the art of dressing up to come naturally and effortless to me. I want it to be second nature. I wear minimal make up, again with the natural... You might be asking yourself, "why is this girl an aspiring blogger again?" "She wears things several times a week too!" Lol, the truth is that everybody should be inspired in their own ways.. No two styles should be the same!

*Secret no.2 Nicole Richie, the Olsens, and Kate Moss pretty much run my sense of style as I find them fashion icons. All 3 have a special way of being 100% stylish with the touch of hardly trying! One of the main reasons I love Nicole is due to her ability to wear her hair in a bun, a maxi dress, and ray bans aviators and look Beautiful. I strive to learn more about their style and inspires them ( and you guys too!!!) to dress the way they do... However still, Don't get me wrong, I aim for originality;-) 

So I wore my favorite harem Zara trousers, my Zara black and white cropped t-shirt, and my hair slicked back as a signature "errands day" look from both N. Richie and the Olsen twins. 

*Notice how I switched it up and wore the same Zara wide harem Trousers showcasing that you can wear the same piece in a different way. If you're like me, I wear my items way more than once because I'm not rich... Yet! So why not have fun with it and use the opportunity to play with creating different looks. Refer back to post- 'when on church' 

.... We choose to go have breakfast while we work at Stardust video and coffee. They're  known for their delicious waffles so naturally we both ordered waffles with coffee and tea. Also known for its artsy individuality, stardust is the perfect spot to express yourself freely. There's a little bit of everything that caters to each individual street stylist or artist that goes there. Our time spent there was very productive... 30% work 70%
What can I say, I love it! ...And on a side note: I know I tend to post about 3x a week or so, I am sorry but I'm   passionate about my work:-) 
Enjoy!!! And please leave me feedbacks, talk to me about your style inspirations!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

When on Church

Harry Buffalo? The restaurant? Yes, Harry buffalo. And let's take pictures, said my boyfriend. I was super excited to try this new place in the city and to put on my new striped tank top from the limited with my ever so euro harem Zara trousers. I chose to leave my hair in a conditioning treatment (plus the rain keeps coming and going,) and put it in a chic, sleek high bun. As we walked around the city and realized how much it is being invested in it, we couldn't help but talk about the beauty that sometimes goes unseen in Orlando. And how much it's going to change for the better in the near future!  There truly is so much to see and enjoy. From the old beautiful Catholic Churches, to the brick streets. The Monday morning employees waiting for the traffic lights to change. Taxi cabs everywhere, yogurt shops, hair salons, and construction. The noisiness of the Monday workday made me feel super grateful for living in such a cool, underestimated, artistic city. My guy just flew in from a trip so we were excited to spend some time together eating and drinking down some beers. I love it when we go somewhere new to dine in the city and instantly love the spot. The woodsy, grunge look and feel along with the old vintage winery, and everywhere I looked there was a brick wall. Oh! And let me not forget the giant buffalo head on the main wall.  I was in love, secretly strategizing how to incorporate more of this look to our apartment!!! This was a well spent rainy afternoon.  
I wore a striped blue and yellow tank from "The Limited" with a beautiful open back and bow. Paired with wide harem Zara trouser, and my urban outfitters grey suede sandals. 

Photo credit: Abdiel 'keebz' Chapa

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Street Style- stripes & cosmic

I absolutely love street stylists! The way we dress says a lot about us. What we're into, what we like. I love the extremes from all the styles...from vintage to hipster, from minimalist to grunge, and from clean cut to preppy. My hopes are that you see my eye for style and I reveal a piece of me through my style. (Plus the other awesome topics we have and will cover on this blog.) 
Today I woke up and went to an energizing yoga class, and when I thought about something I can do for fun, for free :-) I decided to explore the city a bit and at the same time create an awesome photo diary of my look! I felt pretty, and raw at the same time! Such an accomplishment;-) I just recently customized these Zara pants to some rips, so I'm all about them right now. I found these incredible grey sandals at urban outfitters, my sisters vintage cosmic button up ( that she wanted to throw out!!!!!) and to top it off I found these awesome black and white rounded stripes sunglasses that I am obsessed with.   This summer has been a little wet and gloomy, but today you'll see that I saw a little bit of both rain and sunshine...
... We drive by this dope bar in downtown with a huge mural on the side and we do a complete U-turn for the parking lot! I showcase my look against a pale white wall & a cosmic mural that speaks for itself!
Enjoy my photo diary of my exploring and what I wore.
I wore a basic white tank | black Zara pants | vintage cosmic button up | urban outfitters grey sandals | my canadian army tote bag | and my amazing black and white striped sunglasses that I found!!! Score!